Fundraisers: 3 crucial science-based tips to improve online fundraising.

As a non-profit fundraising professional, you should know that online giving is on the rise. To help you,  I will analyse two scientific articles on the subject and give 3 actionable tips on how to have the best online appeals.

tips online fundraising

The first article, “Economist finds formula for ‘perfect ask’ in online fundraising” published by ScienceDaily, presents the findings of a research conducted by a University of Warwick’s team about online donor behaviours in the JustGiving platform.

Online fundraising donations plan

The second article, “Fundraising 101: Tempting alternatives increase willingness to donate”, published by ScienceDaily, presents a Journal of Marketing Research’s paper findings on using comparing the cost of donating with indulgent, impulse-bought products bought  to drive more donations.

donation non-profit baby ice cream

Relying on these articles and my former background, I have summarized the 3 most relevant findings that you can apply to your online giving appeals:

  • Set targets: showing how much you still need to fundraise will allow potential donors to understand you have concrete goals in mind and that you track your impact.
  •  Compare to tempting purchases: evoke tempting purchases they do on a daily basis and compare them to what your non-profit could achieve with the money.

tips fundraising mobile targets

Implementing these 3 easy steps will put in the forefront of online fundraising!

About the Author:
I am a recent Marketing graduate enthusiastic about non-profits. I worked two years in a volunteer setting and produced an extensive research in storytelling in non-profits for my Master Thesis.
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