Facebook launches site to help non-profits succeed in the platform.

If you are the social media responsible on your non-profit, you have to read this!

The new Facebook for non-profits website, launched by Facebook itself, is a great free resource for all non-profits to have the best results on this platform.

This resource is invaluable: easy to read, with short texts and demonstrative pictures, it’s perfect for people who lack  time.

Facebook non-profit success

From fairly simple points, such as how to set up a page it evolves to more oriented and technical points, such as adding a donate button on your page or posts.

It also gives simple social media marketing lessons for non-profits: from showcasing stories to using less formal language, this website is an invaluable crash course in social media marketing (and not just facebook).

Finally, even if you are very experienced with Facebook marketing, you can benefit from the 8 success stories, in areas such has creating urgency around donations to disseminating content on a budget.

Photo by MoneyBlogNewz via flickr (CC BY 2.0)

If you plan to take the most advantage of the platform, explore their website carefully. Also, take into consideration the 3 tips for the best visual storytelling appeal.

About the Author:
I am a recent Marketing graduate enthusiastic about non-profits. I worked two years in a volunteer setting and produced an extensive research in storytelling in non-profits for my Master Thesis. This article was done in the scope of the Social Media Marketing Specialization in Coursera.
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