Fundraising from Pinterest: 4 great ads and the 3 things they have in common.

Marketing professionals, if you are like me you need to be in the loop with the best trends in non-profit marketing. To benchmark the best non-profit fundraising, I will present 4 great posters found on Pinterest and highlight the 3 common points that make them persuasive.

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Lung Cancer Alliance

Source: Design Taxi

This advertisement for Lung Cancer Alliance features a large, provocative headline followed by smaller copy to drive home the appeal.

Menschen für Menschen

Source: Graphic Design Junction

This poster tells a story in two images, by showing what is happening today and the idealized future.

Harrison’s Fund


This ad starts with an aggressive, “taboo” statement and goes on to explain its meaning.


Source: Jinspiration

This ad presents a negative situation very visually, with a clever way to present what could happen if donors support the child!

3 things that make these ads very effective:

  • Negative first statement: The first reaction to this advertisements evoke negative emotions. It creates a negative state in donors that they will want to solve.
  • Human-centric: all the adverts have a person, which allows donors to create an empathic connection with the charity.
  • Minimal background: People see thousands of adverts per week, so it’s important to follow the principle of salience- don’t overcrowd your pictures with unrelated details.
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The 3 tips summarized.

These details are not difficult to work into your non-profit’s appeals and, even if some look risky, you will definitely receive a boost in engagement and donations by creating similar ones!

About the Author:
I am a recent Marketing graduate enthusiastic about non-profits. I worked two years in a volunteer setting and produced an extensive research in storytelling in non-profits for my Master Thesis.
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